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Colour and Fill A Bookcase with Clutter

Adding decorative Images to an Bookcase base:
We will go from this :

This is a BASIC recolouring adding Decorative objects to an object
tutorial so we will only be dealing with the p -sprites .
All adding images need to be kept with in the objects shape.
To this :

You need T-mog and Paint Shop Pro 7 and a White bookcase Base and some nice
for this tutorial. .

My Bases and clutter images can be found at my Bases Yahoo group:
My Sims 1 Bases: Bases YG

Simblesse Oblige Forum alos has nice Clutter stuff:
Simblesse Oblige Clutterboxes


You Will Need:
Transmogrifier (from now on called T-mog !) to clone a bookcase and export/ import the sprites of the new clone. (You need basic knowleedge of that procedure as I am NOT gonna cover that !)

A paint program to decorate in! Such as Paint Shop Pro 7 , Photo Shop or Gimp etc.

Patience and time.

A Bookcase base to clone and decorate

Images to decorate with.

As I am using Paint Shop Pro 7 myself, that is the program I am gonna be writing this tutorial on !!
I am also using one of my own bases: MBasebookcase2 wich can be found under Single Base/ Bookcases. ! It is part of Bookcase bases set2. Also there are DIY images to choose from!

A: Open T-mog and Clone the Bookcase base- give it a new name ! You can find your new clone in the Downloads/ Transmogrified drawer in game! (Remember this name as you will need it when importing the sprites back !)

B: Export "Just change colors" and save the sprites to a folder on your computer so you easily can find them

Starting with the p-sprites! 1: Now, close T-mog and Open up Paint Shop Pro 7 instead! Find the folder and open up your p sprites - should be 2 - a front wiew and a back wiew!

They should look something like these:

2: Choose the Magic vand tool: and set the settings to: . (Matchmode: RGB value, Tolerance: 30 , Feather: 0)

Click on the yellow background of the back sprite and little running ants should appear around the yellow background wich now is choosen! But we want the bookcase to be choosen so we use the tool invert selection to do that ! It is in the menue under:Selections. First: and then :

3: Now we need to be able to use the 16 million colours / 24 bit mode so under the menue:Colors we choose to Increase the color depth to 16 Million colors!

Colour it! 4: Now it is time to choose a pretty new colour for your Bookcase! Click on: and up pops :

Choose your colour and close the colorpalette box that popped up!

Choose Fill: tool and the settings in Tool options menue:

Now fill your Bookcase !:)

Now go up in the menue and under Selections choose Select none!
No more running ants!

The Decorating.

5: Now choose some nice images to add!

I have choosen : , , . All these are .psp images and on transparent backgrounds!

These are the images we will use now:

Right click on the books image name bar at the topp. Choose Copy. Right click on the BOOKCASE sprite top namebar and choose Paste as a new layer!

Move the image to where you want it with the tool: mover.

But those books hm.. eat a little of the shelf over them so we need to correct that!

6: Now, find your Layer palette menue! If you do not see it go to the wiew menue and choose Toolbars and a pop up window will appear and then choose the layer palette and close the pop up window,
Now you will see it!
Background means the yellow sprite with the bookcase front on

layer 1 is our books- click on the name so that layer 1 is choosen ! - now click on the googles so they will be hidden .

Go back to your sprite with the bookcase and the hidden books! Zoom in with the tool . To about 5 to 1 zoom

Now choose the Freehand tool: and the settings:

Leftclick and you have started and the left click in the cornes of the selection you are making now and when you are back to the start right click and the selection is completed. Should look something like this:

Now go to the layer palette again and click away the red x on the googles on layer 1! Then click on the name layer 1 to choose that ! The image should look like this now: Zoom out with the tool . Now click on the cut tool and the part of the books we do not want should be gone !:)

Like this: Go up in Selections menue and select none ( or use ctrl+D short cut).

Now you can add new images as layers and then cut away parts if you need that befor you go on to next image! Like this:

When you feel you are done ( or out of shelves to fill , LOL!) Go up in the menue : Layers and choose Merge and merge all (flatten).

Now only we need to decrease the colours used to 256 / 8bit ! Go up in the menue Color and choose to decrease to 256 colors. It will pop up a warning window but that is Ok as we want the 256 color depth for our bookcase sprite. Choose Ok and then a new window will pop up , also choose ok in that one. Now choose to save , either by clicking on the x in the right corner of the sprite or go up in the file menue and choose save. (Or use ctrl+S). You will be asked if you want to save the changes , choose yes.

That was the front of the bookcase so remember to colour the back aswell!

Either close or minimize Paint Shop Pro 7.


Now all we have to do is import back the sprites to the bookcase!

Open T-mog again! Go down the list and find the clone you made ! Choose that file so it becomes highlighted! Click on Import Object file . A window will pop up and here you choose the drawer where you exported the sprites into befor! click on open!

Now T-mog works and after it has stopped click ok.

Now you can click on Wiew object befor you shut down T-mog and see if your Bookcase looks good with all the new stuff in it !

This tutorial is over...

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